France Reverses Australia’s World Cup Final

On September 15, in the final of the three or four basketball World Cup in 2019, France completed the reversal with a maximum of 15 points behind. Finally, France defeated Australia 67-59 and won the third place in this World Cup, equalizing the best result in team history (World Cup in 2014); Australia won the fourth place and also created the best team history.
The best result in the history of France’s equalizing team
France entered the knockout stage with 4 wins and 1 losses in the group and semi-finals. In the quarter-finals, they beat the United States, but lost to Argentina in the semi-finals. With today’s third place, France equalled its best record in World Cup history and won third place in two consecutive World Cups.
Australia is still the best team in history
Australia entered the knockout stage with 5 wins and 0 losses in the group and semi-finals. In the quarter-finals, they beat the Czech Republic, but in the semi-finals, they were overtime and missed the final by Spain. With today’s fourth place, they have also achieved the best results in history, and their previous best results in the World Cup were fifth.
Bogut was booed again
Bogut was booed by Chinese fans throughout the World Cup because he mocked Sun Yang before the World Cup and sparked a scolding battle with Chinese fans on Twitter. In today’s game, every time Bogut catches the ball, fans at Wukesong Stadium will boo, and when he makes a mistake or fails to shoot, the scene cheers.
Tony Parker watched the game live
As one of the greatest players in the history of the French men’s basketball team, Tony Parker, who has retired, came to the scene to watch the game. After the match, he also congratulated the French players on hitting their masters one by one.
Competition data
Throughout the game, France led 38-36 rebounds, 15-13 assists, 8-3 steals, 1-4 blocks and 13-19 mistakes less than Australia. In three-point shooting, France is 9-4 in the lead, 43-24% in the three-point shooting rate and 13-9 in the number of free throws.
Personal data, the French team Decolo 19 points 3 assists 2 steals, Funier 16 points 5 rebounds, Gobel 2 points 4 rebounds 2 steals, Batum 9 points 6 assists 3 steals. Australia’s Ingels 17 points 5 rebounds 3 assists, Mills 15 2 assists, Bogut 5 points 6 rebounds 2 assists, Dravidowa 4 points 4 rebounds 5 assists.
The Star of the Game: Decolo’s 19-point Leadership Reversal
Decolo scored 19 points in the game. In the second half, he opened up the situation at the offensive end. In the last quarter, both ends of the offensive and defensive performance were excellent. Finally, he led the French team to complete a 15-point reversal.
Highlights of competition
With 5 minutes and 31 seconds left in the first quarter, Gobel had physical contact with Dravidowa when he was walking. Gobel was hit hard by Dravidowa, and eventually fell to the ground and scolded Dravidowa. Gobel was not only punished for offensive fouls, but also for technical fouls.
With 6 minutes and 31 seconds left in the second quarter, the French captain returned the pass and Rabery finished the attack with one-handed cleavage, playing a perfect cooperation.
With 7 minutes and 18 seconds left in the third quarter, Ingels was replaced because of bleeding on his left arm, so he was replaced for treatment.
With 8 minutes and 03 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Decolo used the cover to pull out the jump shot directly from the top of the arc and still hit three points in some unbalanced situations.
Competition review
In the first quarter, Bogut made two mistakes. Kai broke through the layup and scored for Australia for the first time. Mills shot three points and Australia led 5-0 in the opening. Funiye and Nilikina made successive strikes, Mills hit jumpers, and Australia’s 7-4 score remained for a long time. In the middle, Gobel got a technical foul, Mills broke the scoring shortage with a free throw, Mills and Bains blossomed inside and outside, and Decolo threw in. Bogut also shot under the basket. Decolo shot three points against the whistle. At the end of the first quarter, Australia led 16-11.
In the second quarter, Ingers hit three-point shots, and the two teams fell into an iron battle again for a long time, without scoring for a long time. In the middle, Ingers threw in, Bogut scored one of the two penalties, Funier made three-point fouls and three penalties, France was 18-22 points behind 4 points. Ingers scored two points, Mills gave a rare blockade, Funiye hit three points, Ingers scored four points, the end of the first half, Australia led 30-21.
In the first half, France scored 21 points, the lowest score in the second half of the World Cup since 1963, when they only scored 19 points against Uruguay. Australia scored 21 points in the first half, the first time they lost so little in the first half after losing only 20 points against Germany in 2010.
Yi Bian fought again, Kai broke through into 2 + 1, Dravidowa broke through, Batum dry pull jump shot for France to stop bleeding. After Australia extended its lead to 15 points, the French team sounded the call for a counterattack. Batum dunked heavily, Funier shot three points, Batum also had three points, the French team played 9-2 to catch up to 34-42. Ingels broke through to stop bleeding in Australia, with Decolorian leading France 8-2 to 42-44 and 2 points behind. Della threw in, Mills sent out the blockade again, the third quarter ended, Australia 46-42 ahead.
In the last quarter, Decolorian scored 5 points to help the French team to overtake 1 point. In the third quarter of Decolo, the French team led by 4 points. Kay and Mills scored successively, and Australia reached 50 draws. After Albich hit three points, France led 58-56. Gobel scored his first goal in the game, Decolo snatched Bogut, Albich shot three points, and France led 63-56 in the last minute. Mills shrank after three-point shooting


What happened to the loss of connection between the two tourists on Weizhou Island?

  1. What is the specific situation of tourists losing their connection in Weizhou Island? Weizhou Island is a famous scenic spot in Guangxi. However, in recent days, some girls have lost their connection in Weizhou Island. Following the loss of Longqile, a 22-year-old woman from Yibin, Sichuan Province, in Weizhou Island, Guangxi, another 19-year-old woman from Jiangxi Province has lost her connection in Weizhou Island. What’s the matter? Did the lost girl finally find it?
    On September 15, the Beihai Public Security Bureau of Guangxi issued a circular on two cases of loss of connection. At about 15 o’clock on August 26, 2019, the Weizhou Police Station of the Public Security Bureau received a report from Zhao Mou (the head of a hotel on Weizhou Island) that a tourist suspected of loss of connection in his hotel. After receiving the report, the police of Weizhou sent the police to the scene to carry out investigation and search work.
    Through a large amount of information collection work carried out by public security organs, it was learned that the tourist was named He Mouyu (female, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province). He bought a ticket for Weizhou Island at 12:23 on August 23 through the Youyou Bar Net. He took a train from Pingxiang to Liuzhou at 18:58 on August 23, and took a train from Liuzhou to Beihai at 27:26 on August, and on August 24, he bought a ticket for Weizhou Island by Youyou at 18:58 on August 23. At 1300 hours, we took a boat ride from Beihai to Weizhou Island and stayed at a hotel. At about 14 o’clock on August 26, Zhao couldn’t contact He because the scheduled check-out time for He Mouyu had arrived. When checking his guest room, he found nobody in the room and left a suicide note. Zhao immediately called the police. After checking the monitoring along the way, it was found that He Mouyu was walking alone to the seaside. The police immediately carried out the search along the way, visited and inquired the people concerned, and mobilized the residents of Weizhou Island to make joint efforts to find out, but did not find the final whereabouts of He Mouyu.
    At about 8:30 on September 2, 2019, the Weizhou Police Station of the Public Security Bureau received a report from a member of the Mass River (the head of an inn on Weizhou Island) that a tourist suspected of losing contact in his inn. After receiving the report, the police of Weizhou sent the police to the scene to carry out investigation and search work. Through a large amount of information collection work carried out by the public security organs, it is known that the tourist, named Longmoule (female, from Gongxian County, Sichuan Province, and a staff member of an educational and training institution in Kunming City, Yunnan Province), traveled from South Kunming to the Beihai at 1439 hours on August 30 by EMU, purchased Weizhou Island tickets through the Youzhou Internet at about 17 o’clock on August 30, and from Beihai at 12 o’clock on August 31. Take a boat to Weizhou Island and check in at a hotel. During the trip, no peers were found. At about 20 o’clock on September 1, Longmulle left the Inn and walked alone to the seaside. From the chat content of Longmoule with his mother and netizens, it has the idea of being light. After checking and monitoring along the way, it was found that Longmoule was walking alone to the seaside. The police immediately carried out the search along the way, visited and inquired the relevant people, and mobilized the residents of Weizhou Island to make joint efforts to search for Longmoule, but did not find the final whereabouts of Longmoule.

Love hidden in a canteen

“The fried chicken nuggets came up, and the brothers and sisters shared a portion as they did when they were young. The elder brother first clips to the younger sister. Eating chicken nuggets at night and chewing slowly is like chewing your life for more than twenty years. When I saw Mr. Abe Yelang write this passage in “Late Night Canteen”, my first reaction was to think of my “Late Night Canteen”.
Late night belongs to loneliness, the canteen surprises us. Late at night with the canteen, warm healing and sweet. Late at night, I was connected to my mother’s small canteen.
After entering junior high school, the pressure doubled, and every day struggled with a variety of problems, more and more serious dark circles, deep sockets into the eye sockets, they also developed the habit of hunchback. By all accounts, I should be thinner and thinner, but now I have more than ninety kilograms. Well, it’s not without proof that I have to eat every day when I go home from self-study at night. It’s uncomfortable not to eat my stomach. Sometimes the stomach is like a bottomless hole, and one can finish the rice cooker. And these delicacies come from my mother’s “late night canteen” and “small canteen” prepared for me alone.
Mother’s “small canteen” is rich in variety, all kinds of meat, delicious and homely, warm and healing, there is a taste of love. That’s the meal my mother left for me. It’s kept warm in the rice cooker. I’m waiting for self-study next night to taste it. Occasionally when there is no food left, my mother will “open a small stove” for me, cook a large bowl of noodles, dumplings or handwriting. She would not eat with me, nor would she watch me eat, just like a late-night canteen, eating alone in the dead of night.
I remember a few days by mom Tucao slot legs, fat, canceled my small cafeteria. I wanted to cry without tears, but I had no choice. I really didn’t want to eat when I came home that night. “Why don’t you eat?” I wondered. “You said you wouldn’t let me eat.” “I want you to eat less.” With that, my mother gave me a big bowl of rice.
“Mum, it’s too much.”
It’s true that they all come to the fore. But her mother said nothing, but also gave herself a bowl. That night we were speechless, but each of us had his own thoughts. The night was very quiet, only our respective chewing sound, swallowing the food in our mouth, feeling that our hearts were mixed.
Later, we all cried. It was the crisis of parents’feelings that happened in those days. Mother was almost haggard all night. She was silent and now she talks less. However, she showed nothing, still took care of me as usual, but for the first time, I found that in my small canteen, mother’s love for me has always been hidden.
Cai Yani once wrote in One Man’s Diet: “Chili powder is her amulet, bless her to go to the ends of the world, even if she encounters a little unhappiness in life, can be timely comforted.” Similarly, the same is true of mom’s “cafeteria”. In the middle of the night, a meal with the greatest and simplest love can drive away all unhappiness and loneliness and gentle late at night.
A person should also eat well, a person should live delicately and warmly! Food has beyond imagination healing power, it can fill your stomach, more can cure your loneliness.
I hope that my friends, like me, can taste a food hidden in love late at night, can taste the warmth, as for your loneliness and sadness.