College entrance examination application in 2020

On November 13, Beijing, more than ten provinces including Gansu, Sichuan and Anhui have successively started the application for the 2020 college entrance examination since late October. Observing the relevant policies of college entrance examination issued by various regions, many provinces have further tightened the score increase of college entrance examination and strictly checked the “college entrance examination immigrants”. Heilongjiang, Hebei and other provinces have also expanded the scope of priority admission.
More places start to register for the national college entrance examination in 2020
At present, many college entrance examination applications have been launched. The reporter of China new network combed the website announcements of various education departments and learned that as of November 12, more than ten regions, including Beijing, Gansu, Sichuan, Guangdong and Anhui, had completed the online application for college entrance examination. Among them, Zhejiang, Shanxi and other places have entered the stage of on-site confirmation.
At the same time, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Hubei and other places are registering online for the college entrance examination. The registration time of Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia starts from November 15 and 18, respectively.
It is understood that the college entrance examination registration in 2020 is mainly divided into three stages: online application submission, online personal information filling and payment, and on-site confirmation of application qualification. At the time of on-site confirmation, we will also complete the work of taking photos, collecting fingerprints, and confirming the registration information. See the following figure for the specific process:
Photo according to the announcement of Hebei Education and examination institute
It should be noted that in the on-site confirmation of registration qualification, candidates need to hold valid certificates such as account book, original ID card, etc. Candidates who move with their children must also provide the high school student status certificate, the continuous learning record certificate issued by the graduation school, their own resident ID card, household register, employment and entrepreneurship card (employment and unemployment registration card) and residence card of their father or mother or legal guardian before they can complete their registration.
There is a change in the preferred candidates!
The reporter combed the enrollment policies announced this year and found that all regions are further tightening in the score increase of college entrance examination. At the same time, many provinces give priority to green channels for fire rescue team members and their children who meet the requirements.
In the aspect of college entrance examination bonus points, for example, according to Anhui province’s enrollment and examination registration policy for general colleges and universities in 2020, there are only four national bonus points: martyr’s children; returned overseas Chinese’s children, returned overseas Chinese’s children and Taiwan Provincial candidates; self employed retired soldiers; honorary titles awarded by units with second-class merit (including) or above in the military area (including) during service Retired soldiers.
At the same time, in order to prevent examinees from falsifying the mark up qualification, many provinces also require examinees to sign a letter of commitment in good faith at the time of applying for the mark up items. They promise that if there is any falsification or cheating of the relevant mark up qualification, examinees will be disqualified from the enrollment, examination or admission of the college entrance examination in that year, and the violation facts will also be recorded in the integrity file of the national education examination.
In terms of preferential admission, provinces such as Heilongjiang and Hebei have broadened the scope of preferential admission, including “candidates who meet the preferential conditions of fire rescue team members and their children”, who can enjoy preferential admission.
For example, Hebei Province has made it clear in the “instructions for enrollment examination of colleges and universities in 2020” that candidates who meet the conditions of preferential treatment for military children; candidates who meet the conditions of preferential treatment for children of public security model, public security police who sacrifice on duty and public security police who are disabled on duty from level 1 to level 4; candidates who are retired from the army, disabled people’s police, and ethnic minorities scattered in Han areas; Candidates who meet the preferential treatment conditions for fire rescue team members and their children can enjoy preferential admission.

The district gives red envelopes to owners.

On the morning of October 21, the property Hall of a community in Suqian City was full of owners. “I heard that the property is going to give us money. Everyone is very happy!” An owner introduced that the property will give 240000 yuan to the owner to send “red envelopes”. The reporter of Modern Express learned that the red envelope distributed to the owners totaled 240000 yuan, all of which was the public income of the community.
Trench! Property of Suqian No.1 residential quarter gives the owner 240000 yuan red packet
The property is paying the owners
Chen Benkui, an 82 year old owner, thumbs up after receiving a red envelope of 113 yuan. He said that after living in so many communities, he saw the property for the first time to pay the owners. This kind of practice makes them enjoy the benefits and feel the warmth from the industry committee.
Trench! Property of Suqian No.1 residential quarter gives the owner 240000 yuan red packet
Notice board of red packet distribution in the community
Shen Guitang, director of the office of the owners committee of the community, said that the public revenue of the community was distributed to the owners. The main sources of the revenue were parking space rental fee and elevator advertising fee. Apart from the cost of public facilities maintenance and transformation, in September this year, the owners committee of the community has completed the work. The public revenue of the community from 2018 to 2019 is still more than 240000 yuan, which is decided to be distributed on an average basis. In principle, the money will be distributed to more than 2000 owners in the community, and each owner can get 113.2 yuan.
The Industrial Committee of the community discussed and decided in September this year, and posted a notice in the community on September 20 to inform everyone. From October 20, we will fulfill our promise to let the owners know where the community’s public revenue is used and improve their happiness.
At present, more than 80 owners have come here to collect the property. The owners can collect the property ownership certificate and the property fee invoice. The staff are on duty every day.

Saturn 20 new satellites

According to domestic media reports, the International Astronomical Union recently announced the discovery of 20 new satellites around Saturn, making Saturn beat Jupiter in a total of 82 to become the planet with the most satellites.

It is reported that these satellites each have a diameter of about 5 kilometers, of which 17 are rotated retrograde around Saturn. According to the researchers, these satellites are comets and asteroids that happen to pass through, interacting with gas dust to become a satellite around Saturn.

The observation team discovered these satellites through the Subaru telescope in Hawaii, and there may be more small satellites around Saturn waiting to be discovered.

The team is currently launching an event to collect names for Saturn’s new satellites, which must be named after the giants of the Nordic, Gaul or Inuit mythology.

Previously, Jupiter was the leader of the “Star of Satellites” for the first time in 20 years, with a total of 79 natural satellites.

In 2018, astronomers discovered 12 new Jupiter moons, increasing the number of known satellites of this giant giant planet to 79. Scientists photographed them while observing the more distant Kuiper belt objects.

The two new satellites were named “S/2016 J1” and “S/2017 J1”, 21 million kilometers and 24 million kilometers from Jupiter, respectively.

According to reports, scientists analyzed 20 images of the new Guardian by analyzing the images found on the Mauna Kea volcano on the Mauna Kea in Hawaii. The algorithm is said to distinguish between stationary stars, galaxies, and satellites around Jupiter.

When the solar system was born, a large amount of gas and dust around the sun gathered to become the eight known planets. But Shepard believes that after Saturn was formed 4 billion years ago, Saturn’s gravity attracted the passing asteroids and comets, and they have been around Saturn since then.

Shepard said there may be more satellites around Saturn waiting to be discovered, but astronomers need larger telescopes to observe satellites less than 5 kilometers in diameter. The research team also launched a satellite naming competition, named after the role of Nordic, Celtic, Inuit mythology.