CCTV cat call hot search

CCTV news broadcast, which has been paid close attention to for a long time, has recently made a super cute “mistake”. The protagonist of the mistake is not the staff, but the stray kitten.
On March 7, a careful audience found that while watching CCTV news, there had been some different sounds coming into their ears. Meow meow meow ground was very rhythmic, which was suspected to be a cat call. Do cats have their own hosting dreams?
But many CCTV hosts, including Bai Yansong, have very high professional quality. They are not disturbed by the sound of kittens. Instead, they keep their faces unchanged and calmly push the hosts forward in an orderly manner, drawing back the attention of the audience.
Searching for such keywords as “CCTV’s cat call” on social platforms, we found that some netizens had already heard something different as early as a week ago. Some netizens cut the video into a collection and found that at least seven hosts had cat calls coming from the scene. Such a live broadcast accident probably lasted for more than a week.
It’s revealed that in order to prove their conjecture, netizens also played back the program repeatedly to determine the source of the sound. This move made her own male cat repeatedly respond outside the TV. She conservatively concluded that only when a female cat entered the live broadcast hall could she attract the attention of the male cat.
As the staff of the live broadcast, they must have heard better than us, but they had no choice but to find a stray kitten. The staff kept looking for it for several days without any result.
At this critical moment, this small live broadcast accident also caused a heated discussion among netizens, but this time, unlike other accidents, netizens’ comments and paintings are very lovely. We all agree that we can be undisturbed in such a background sound. We CCTV hosts have a solid foundation! Some netizens also named the cat “shangcctv”, saying it was “rooted in Miaohong” and a little star in the cat industry. Such an informal cat “is really high-end and atmospheric.”.
However, the incident of cats’ disorderly entry can not be controlled artificially. After all, no one can predict where the “master” wants to run. And whose owner is so brave that he dares to go to CCTV to sell cute, so maybe he’s just a little wild cat who broke into the live room by mistake. Now the master has attracted the attention of the whole nation, and it is estimated that he will be “arrested” soon.
In fact, compared with the “mistakes” of other TV stations, CCTV’s little wild cat has really aroused everyone’s heart this time. After all, the problem is the cat, not the hosts. However, in other TV stations, the staff seems to be less professional, and even make jokes repeatedly, which makes people laugh.
In one of TVB’s live news programs, a monitor behind the hostess watched the cartoon leisurely, regardless of the situation of live broadcast. Unfortunately, the camera slot cut to this side and was seen by the audience.
What’s more, the host couldn’t bear the hunger and ate the biscuit directly. In the 360 degree dead space of the newsroom, this kind of unprofessional behavior has been recorded one by one.
But as for the Wulong incident that happened during the live broadcast, the most bizarre one is the record of a male reporter from Sichuan local station visiting the spy shop. He was sent to Yibin, Sichuan Province, to investigate whether a massage shop is formal. In order to gain the trust of the boss, he directly consumed a set meal at a certain price in the shop. Unexpectedly, after the photographer followed the camera all the way, the naked material was cut into the news without any treatment!
As soon as the incident happened, it was more or less affected, from the TV station to the host. I hope that for this controllable phenomenon, we will not be as tolerant as cats, but rather put the editing work in place.
The call of kittens from CCTV is also a seasoning for the tense atmosphere. I hope that this “kitten who wants to break into the hosting World” can be found as soon as possible and brought to a warm nest to enjoy the cat’s life.