Parental love

Today, the teacher told us about my parents’love for me, which reminds me of my childhood story.
When I was very young, one night, my face suddenly turned red and my body became hot. My mother hurried up to take my temperature. Time passed by, and the temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius made my mother more anxious. Mother’s cry woke up my dream father. They hurried to give me a fever-killer and dressed me. They rushed me to the hospital. After an overnight examination and treatment, the fever gradually subsided, but I felt I could hear nothing.
Because our city hospital did not have hearing testing equipment, so my parents took me to Beijing Children’s Hospital, but the doctor said to my mother coldly: “Because of fever, the children’s ear nerve is damaged, according to the analysis of audiometric decibels, there is no possibility of treatment to restore hearing, that is to say, the children will never hear voice!” When my mother heard this, she cried aloud on my father’s shoulder. I also seemed to vaguely hear their conversation. When I saw the sad look of my father and mother, I also burst into tears.
When I woke up, my father and mother sat on the sofa across the bed. Where am I? The line of sight became clearer and clearer. I saw something like a hotel. Then I giggled at my parents. Looking at their sad faces, it is obvious that the answer to my question is worry. Because I couldn’t hear my parents’voice, I suddenly got excited and cried. Every day I know to cry and my eyes are swollen.
Every time my mother looks at me, she always looks worried. No matter how tired my parents are, they go out every day to find a hospital that can look good at my ears. When my father heard that there was a hospital that could cure the disease, he took me there to prepare medicine. Unfortunately, he cheated me of money and made me eat Chinese medicine for more than three months. Seeing that I had no improvement, my mother cried again. My mother took me in her arms and went to a big hospital. I saw that there were children like me. I also saw my mother’s surprised expression. Time passed, and we were still in line. I was impatient to wait. I sat on the ground and got angry.
The nurse’s aunt took the case manual to her mother and asked her mother to take me to the doctor’s office. I saw the doctor’s uncle talking with her mother. The more she talked, the more excited she was. I finally saw her happy look. I must have saved my ears!
A few days later, my aunt came to Beijing to see me. At that time, I didn’t know why they came to see me. Later, I heard from my mother that I would have an operation on my ear. I vaguely remember the moment I left my mother when I entered the operating room, the nurse’s aunt took me from my mother’s hand, and I struggled desperately, but it didn’t seem to work. I began to use anesthesia. A long, pointed needle was inserted into my back. I cried because of the pain. My mother was walking around outside the operating room, very worried and so anxious. Hearing my cry, my mother knocked excitedly on the door of the operating room. It was hard to imagine what kind of mood my mother was in at that time. After a while, he fell asleep slowly.
Mother was waiting for a long time, but she was very quiet. After about three hours, the operating light went out. The doctor said, “The operation was successful! You can rest assured that with the implantation of an electronic receiver in the brain, the child will soon hear the sound, but she is not in good condition and is still in a coma. Let her rest for a while. Mother sneaked a look at me safe and sound before she relaxed.
Since then, this cochlear implant has been with me.
After recalling these touching and profound stories, I learned that mother’s love is the most precious and the greatest. Besides, I also realized that parents’love for their children is a very warm love. I want to savor it slowly. Slowly cherish this warm love, unforgettable memories!