Dai Zhikang surrendered himself

Dai Zhikang, chairman of Securities and Exchange Group, once said publicly that in all directions of development in the financial system, he preferred P2P.
Another big man planted on P2P.
According to Titanium media, Dai Zhikang, chairman of Zhengda Group, surrendered himself to the case and his company was suspected of illegal fund-raising. At present, 41 people have been detained in prison and the assets involved have been seized.
According to 21st century economic reports, the total capital involved in Dai Zhikang’s platform of “fishing for treasure” and “securing great wealth” reached 5 billion yuan.
Dai Zhikang surrendered on suspicion of illegal fund-raising
On September 1, the Pudong Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau issued the “Information Bulletin on the Investigation and Handling of”Certificate Companies”.
According to the circular, since August 12, 2019, the police have accepted investigations into allegations of illegal fund-raising by the company’s “treasure-fishing” platform and “treasure-fishing” company.
On August 29, 2019, Dai Moukang, the legal representative of the Grand Duke of Certification, and Dai Mouxin, the general manager, surrendered themselves to the police, claiming that there were illegal and irregular acts such as setting up a pool of funds and misappropriating funds in the operation of the company, and that they could not be paid.
Shanghai police also said in the briefing that without the approval of the relevant financial qualifications of the state, the company through its online financial management platform (Shanghai Securities Da Aite Financial Information Service Co., Ltd.) and off-line financial management stores (Shanghai Securities Da Thumb Wealth Management Co., Ltd.) to the Shanghai Securities Da Aite Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. At present, the case of illegal deposit absorption by the unspecified public is under further investigation.
It is understood that Lucaibao was established in 2014, headquartered in Shanghai, with shareholders as the major group, and Dai Zhikang as the actual controller.
According to official website Xinpi data, as of the end of July 2019, the platform had a total transaction value of 29.638 billion yuan, a loan balance of 4.966 billion yuan, and the current lending data of 28,031 people.
But these data are forever history.
On August 12, Lucaibao announced on its official website that due to the unilateral termination of cooperation between the depository bank, Huarui Bank, the platform stopped adding new business and the payment channel was closed at the same time.
On the same day, another company under Dai Zhikang, Shanghai Securities Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., issued a notice to all employees to terminate the labor contract relationship in advance. According to the notice, the company suspended all new loans and business from now on, retained the normal collection after the loan, and decided to terminate the labor contracts of all the employees of the company’s headquarters and all its subsidiaries in advance, in accordance with the requirements of government supervision.
As soon as the news came out, it aroused heated discussion among the public.
On August 13, Shanghai Securities Real Estate Co., Ltd. (00755.HK) announced that its main business is the development, operation and management of real estate construction. Its business scope does not have any intersection and business contacts with the consulting companies mentioned in relevant media reports. On February 13, 2015, Dai Zhikang completed the transfer of its controlling shares in the company.
In response to the growing “thunder” of P2P, Dai Zhikang has sent an open letter to users of treasure salvage, indicating that treasure salvage will quit benignly.
On August 26, Dai Zhikang made it clear in his second open letter that he would not throw off the pot, run away or lose touch with others. In the future, he would focus on repayment management and collection of creditor’s rights and assets.
Less than three days later, however, Dai Zhikang chose to surrender.
Dai Zhikang has said publicly that in all directions of development in the financial system, he is most optimistic about P2P. Today, he is in the quagmire of P2P for suspected illegal fund-raising. I don’t know how he feels now.