70 Years of People’s Memory

Seventy Years of People’s Memory – Seventy Years of City Take You to See the Development of Xuancheng Real Estate Market
Seventy years, seventy glorious years, seventy years of glorious journey, seventy years of progress, the development and rise of New China bears the wind and frost of history, precipitating the memory of the Chinese people can not be replicated.
Jingting Mountain, Xuancheng
Xuancheng, formerly known as Wanling and Xuanzhou, is located in the southeast of Anhui Province, east of Hangzhou and Huzhou in Zhejiang Province, south of Huangshan Mountain, West and northwest of Chizhou and Wuhu City, north and northeast of Maanshan and Nanjing, Changzhou and Wuxi in Jiangsu Province. It is located on the Western waist line of the Shanghai-Ningxia-Hangzhou Delta. The city belt of Anhui River undertakes industrial transfer. One wing of the transfer demonstration area is the frontier position for the central region to undertake industrial and capital transfer in the eastern region, the central city of the convergence area of Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and the important channel for the southeast coast to communicate with the mainland.
Xuancheng is officially designated as G60 in 2018. Now Xuancheng is in the rapid development area of the Yangtze River Delta.
Xuancheng real estate market is also in the rapid development stage, from the former earthen brick to the present high-rise building, from the former local small housing enterprises, to the present national large housing enterprises.
On the 70th anniversary of our motherland, cheer for our motherland and be proud of Xuancheng!