Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s love is the greatest and most selfless love in the world. Every time when I was sick, my mother always took good care of me; every time I kicked the quilt at night, my mother always took the trouble to help me cover the quilt. Every year, Mother’s Day is also the time for our children to show filial piety to their mothers.
On Mother’s Day in the past, I just offered a carnation and said a few words of wishes, so I hastened. But this year, I will dedicate to my mother a unique “Mother’s Day” gift – active piano practice.
Since my first grade piano lesson, I have been practicing piano for an hour every afternoon when I come home from school. I’m tired of it. Mother always watches over me, pointing out the wrong place from time to time. At this time, I would dislike her nagging, and sometimes even talk back to her, often make her angry. I worried my mother too much. Unconsciously, wrinkles quietly climbed up the mother’s forehead, black hair also mixed with a few silk. I know it’s all for my sake. So on Mother’s Day, I decided to make my mother happy.
Mother’s Day has finally arrived. I listened to my mother all day and tried not to annoy her. It’s time to go home from school in the afternoon and practice the piano. For the first time, without waiting for my mother to remind me, I came to the piano consciously and began to practice with concentration.
Although my mother was still nagging during the piano practice this time, I did not dislike her, but obediently practiced the wrong place over and over again. I also know that the reason why my mother is so “nagging” is not that I hope to practice the piano better? I hope I have a more brilliant tomorrow?
When my mother saw that I was so sensible today, she stared at me wide-eyed and asked doubtfully, “How can I be so conscious today? The sun is coming out from the west?” I smiled embarrassingly and answered, “I used to be wrong, always making you angry, and never let you work too hard again.” I looked up and found my mother smiling with relief.
After listening to my words, you may think, “Mother’s Day” did not give a gift to her mother, how can it be? Then I will tell you: Although I did not give a gift to her, but I can see, for my special “gift” today, my mother is more recognized. Mother said that the best gift for her was to practice the piano well and not make her angry. She has already felt my strong love for her! That’s enough.