20000 monthly salary for pig breeding

Some time ago, there was a saying in the circle of friends: pork is 60 kilos. How about the coming winter? Where is the sausage? Where is bacon? Who do you want the radish stewed with? What do you think of cabbage and vermicelli? Potatoes are too annoying. Where is the pickled dried vegetables? Where to buckle?
In 2018, a large number of pigs have been culled since the outbreak of African swine fever in China.
Pork prices keep refreshing, one a day. From 10 yuan a Jin soared to 30-40 yuan a Jin, can not afford to eat pork netizens have ridiculed themselves. “Now think about the time when the teacher asked me to go home and raise pigs for my good”, “today I go to buy pork, the boss asked me whether I should pay in full or in down payment”, “have you realized the freedom of pork”
The imbalance between supply and demand has led to a sharp rise in pork prices, and pig enterprises have made a lot of profits. No, today, a recruitment advertisement released by a listed company has become a hot topic#
Salary: 20000 yuan / month for undergraduate, 22000 yuan / month for master, 24000 yuan / month for doctor, which is quite attractive
The teacher used to say that he could only go home and raise pigs if he didn’t study hard. Now he understands the teacher’s good intentions, but he may not have dreamed of it. Now he has a doctor’s degree in pig farming
In line with the purpose of a stall, I read this recruitment ad (in advance, I am not interested in this position, um, not interested. Ah, it’s sour.)
So, where to see this company recruitment is pig!
At present, the development of all walks of life is becoming more and more refined, and more attention is paid to quality. That’s especially true for our catering related industries. High-end technical talents have become the focus of competition in various industries. Therefore, they should also want to better promote the development of enterprises through the power of technology.
Of course, the phenomenon of constantly improving the requirements of the industry is everywhere.
Just like the coming of the second child era, the whole Yuesao industry is booming. Our previous cognition is that these groups are generally young and middle-aged people with low education background. Now it is reported that the average monthly salary of sister-in-law is 9795 yuan, and more and more people with bachelor’s degree. Of course, the current moon sister-in-law is not as single as the previous needs, cooking and cleaning children. Know some basic nursing knowledge, medical knowledge and other professional skills will be more popular.
In the face of more and more fierce industry competition, only to improve their own strength will not be lost. This problem, huluwa group has not been able to relax. After all, it has always been adhering to the “mission of making the Internet more secure and credible”, providing all-round Internet security solutions such as Internet security authentication, electronic contract, network security, SSL certificate, level protection evaluation, etc. it has also been using leading technology, and constantly hiring industry-leading talents, that is to It can provide better services for users and contribute to the development of Internet Security and credibility.