Ghana Football Association announced its dissolution

According to foreign media, Ghana disbanded all coaches and technical teams of its men’s and women’s national team due to serious corruption. In recent years, Ghana football has opened up the world’s eyes because of its open and close approach. In 2018, because the president of Ghana Football Association was exposed to bribery, the Ghanaian government directly announced the dissolution of Ghana Football Association, and a new football association was established one year later. Today, the decisive attack of Ghana Football Association is also amazing.
It is estimated that seeing this news, many Chinese fans can’t help thinking about when Chinese football will come out like this. In fact, most of the fans think that the Football Association, as the competent unit of Chinese football, is responsible for the worsening of Chinese football over the years. At that time, many officials, big and small, in the Chinese Football Association, including the president of the association at that time, were defeated. All the Football Association presidents left behind are not achievements but quotations and a joke. We are all very sorry that our relevant departments did not show the courage of Ghanaian people, directly disbanded the football association and expected to welcome the unanimous support of the fans.
From the perspective of the new policies and handling styles released by the new football association leadership, the leadership of the new football association is still changing the soup and not changing the dressing. The slogans are loud, and the actual work is still in place, even backward. Basically, all the policies are in the head. The table is fixed. A pat on the thigh, it’s broken. A pat on the ass, gone.
The football association has set a 23-year-old protection clause, which is a bad idea. Players on the court don’t depend on their strength, but also on their age. 23 years old still needs protection, and there is no room for growth.
Youth training are all shouting, no one really do it, because pay more, effect is slow, in addition to the results are successors, the current who are not willing to do this brain bag thing.
There are so many changes in policy, and often only one boot is thrown, which makes every club wait for the damn second boot to fall?
Li Tie is not bad, but since we have domesticated players, why don’t we let Scolari take over as a direct successor? We can run in the team and get familiar with the team for more than half a year. For the next 12. Was it just because Scolari stood up for programmers? I can see that the script of the Russian world cup is going to be repeated!