Goldmine Bombardment Football Association

Xuan Haowei, the former official of the Football Association, succeeded Hiddink as the executive coach of the National Olympic Games. Many outside statements point to Hiddink’s negligence. Gao Lei Changwen, a 39-year-old foreign player, bombarded the leadership of the Football Association. He said that the problem of Guoao had nothing to do with Hiddink, and inviting God to come could not save Chinese football.
Gao Leileilei Weibo is as follows
It really has nothing to do with Hiddink! God can’t save Chinese football!
You don’t have to be a coach to play football. You don’t have to be a coach to manage the Football Association. Professionals do professional work, but we don’t have professionals at all! Leaders do not understand, looking for a group of other projects to do football, and now find retired players or coaches to do the work of the Football Association, nominally as if professionals do professional work, in fact, do not know how to improve the level of football! They only focus on the national team. Nobody organizes youth training, let alone the youth training system. The level of youth coaches is low. Players and youth coaches are two fields at all. That’s not the case.
My former club owner in Spain was a professional player, lawyer, master of sports management, master of football management, master of economics, lecturer of a university and rich thief. But he appeared in the club stands every day from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. to watch a team training to each echelon training. A small club has young people. More than 1500 players a year, he often eats in clubs, but also to see other levels of competition charging!
Can Chinese club owners do it? Can the leaders of the Chinese Football Association do it? Ignorance, incompetence, not diligence, Chinese football to do, you let the world football reasoning? Leaders, do you wait for retired players to get a degree in sports management after years of further study? Wait until there’s no interpersonal relationship to go to the management? The essence of the problem is still in education, most of the players have not been to junior high school, how to write papers? Sports economic management is all digital. Can you understand it without foundation? Two kinds of disabled people: sports students and cultural students, both look down on each other and do not deal with each other! The species of the two worlds do not intersect each other!
Our educational philosophy and parents’perception are gifted to engage in a sport, and to judge the success of sport or not? There’s only one answer: Become a professional athlete! Ignoring the cultivation of talents around sports and closing most people out of the gate of sports from childhood, the people who love sports have no way to know what is in football, and the people inside have a slurry head. They don’t know anything except playing football. When do sports students have culture and culture students are top sportsmen, what else does football do? Just take it out and you can hang the world’s heroes!