The charm of jade carving

A few years ago, in an occasional opportunity, my father bought a screen of green sculpture about 20 centimeters high from the antique market. Although the price was not expensive, it was placed in a deserted corner of the home after buying it, but suddenly it added vigor to the inconspicuous corner of the home. This screen jade carving looks like the shape of a Buddhist hand on the whole. In the center of the Buddhist palm with its own dignity, a beautiful bridge crosses it. The arc is vividly engraved. The lines are even and delicate. The whole body surface is light green. The rest of the scenery is accompanied by a little brown. The Buddhist thumb is engraved in the same position. A high mountain, on the middle of the mountain, presents Brown terraces and pavilions, occasionally dotted with flowers and green grass. A bird is inlaid in it, as if it is chirping in a green tree. Under the bridge, there are ripples, which are incisively inlaid, undoubtedly the ripples after the breeze, and there are various kinds of ripples in the water. The shape of pebbles, pebbles show pure white, and that is particularly clean, thorough white, in the middle and upper part of the index finger and middle finger is a round of red sun, the sun’s surface and shadowy things with five features, in a word, the sculpture of the finishing touch, the whole instant of the sun is vivid, as if there is a sense of leaping eternal life at any time, Above the little thumb and ring finger is an old pine, which stands on the right side of the bridge. The old root of the pine is also situated in a few sparse homes. The overall feeling of the picture is like a paradise, elegant, quiet and solemn. I like the screen jade carving very much. Although it is not so noble, it emits a unique charm all the time around him. The deliberate mosaic is also like a casual essay, where it passes naturally complete and tortuous. Everywhere there is a beautiful scenery. All along, whenever I encounter troubles in life, I will stand alone in front of this screen jade carving and silently pour out some of my troubles, sadness of departure, and the bits and pieces of bitterness and sweetness that I have passed to it in my heart. Gradually, in the process of talking, I seem to have merged with this screen of jade carving. I feel like walking on the bridge and looking around. I am enjoying the scenery around me. People who appreciate the scenery are also enjoying me. They are all in one. You have me and I have you. I love my jade carving. It adds color to my life and sometimes relieves many troubles in my life. I also thank my father for buying it so that we can get familiar with each other from strangers. Jade, both warm and cool, has been praised and praised for thousands of years. Now this screen jade carving has been placed in my home for some years. I have moved it from the living room to the bedroom. Every day I have to gently wipe away the dust on it. Almost the first person to get up in the morning is to say hello to it with a smile. Long-term contact, no doubt, we have been old friends, I believe that in the future I will take it with me wherever I go, never separated from each other. I love my jade carving, the temperament that emanates from the whole body of the jade, the individuality that it does not publicize, the light sadness, the little stories, and the unique charm of love it!