Happiness is around

Mother’s love, like a sweet and soft marshmallow, wrapped me in it; my mother’s love, like a gentle breeze, blowing my heart; mother’s love, like a drizzle, nourishing me Young mind. For thirteen years, my mother has given me meticulous care.

Today is Mother’s Day. Looking at the big characters on the calendar, my kind mother appeared in my mind, and I remembered the sick care. My mother gave me careful care and care.

I remember that it was a hot summer day. It was at noon, after I had lunch, I insisted on not listening to my mother’s advice for me to take a nap, and sprinting all the way to the beach left behind in front of the construction, in the hot sun. I played happily, regardless of the scorching heat of the sun, and did not care about the fine sweat on my head. The more I played, the more happy I was. When I feel uncomfortable when I feel uncomfortable, I walked slowly to my home. I thought: Maybe it is not delicious at lunch, and my stomach is hungry. I didn’t care about it now, I didn’t tell my mother. However, after a little while, my stomach was even more uncomfortable. The food in my stomach seemed to have turned over. It seemed like I was going over the river. When I wanted to find some medicine, suddenly I couldn’t hold back. “Wow – “The vomiting began, until the belly was empty, and then gradually stopped. My mother immediately stopped the work in her hand and heard the news. Seeing my face pale, squatting on the table, vomiting, immediately took the toilet paper for me, and gently patted my back with my hand, whispered and asked: “Is it better?” After I stopped vomiting, my mother carefully I helped me into the room, and put the pillow up, let me lean up, took out the quilt and covered it on my body, gently patted my head and said to me, “Lake a good sleep, wake up. It is.”

With my mother’s company, I quickly fell asleep. My mother saw that I was asleep, got out of the way, cleaned the floor with a mop, and then gently went to the kitchen to give me a millet porridge. When I woke up, the porridge was already cooked, and the scent of the porridge was already in the whole room. I was filled with it, and my stomach was already screaming. At this time, I remembered that my stomach was already hungry. My mother gave me a bowl of millet porridge, cooked an egg, and my mother put the porridge on her mouth. Blowing and blowing, when I don’t get hot, I send it to my mouth, eating hot food, I feel that my heart is also sweet, this is happiness! After the mother finished the meal, she found the medicine for heatstroke at home. After I came to the water, I took a few more words to go to work. Looking at my mother’s back, my heart was warm and my eyes were red. My heart was filled with a touch of emotion. Yes, my mother took care of me in such a normal life. When my clothes are dirty, my mother will always use my rough hands to scream, but my mother never When I was sick, my mother always touched my head with warm hands and told me not to be afraid; when I encountered setbacks, my mother always encouraged me with kind words and made me brave. Facing difficulties. My mother gave me meticulous care. How can this not touch me?

In that bowl of simple porridge, I saw the deep love that my mother contained. In the thirteen years, I realized the hardship of my mother today. In this bowl of porridge, I was touched!