Jay Chou and Cai Yilin share the same frame

Many netizens know that Jay Chou and the goddess Cai Yilin were born a couple in the entertainment circle. When everyone thought they would eventually come together, the result was quite unexpected.
After their separation, Jay Chou and Cai Yilin had wonderful emotions. He married Kunling and had a son and a daughter. Cai Yilin, who had been with Jinrong for many years, has now announced their separation.
Although Shuang J has been on the same stage many times in the past, it is very likely that he will meet again at an event in the Mainland.
Century is the same! Jay Chou and Cai Yilin received the award at the same stage, and the double J quoted the memory killing in the same frame.
On August 30, the award ceremony of “Global Chinese Song List” was held in Macao. Jay Chou and Cai Yilin received the award at the same stage. Although Li Yuchun was separated from them, many “Double J” fans also paid attention to the award and expressed their feelings “See you for a long time!”
Because the two of them met many fans in the same frame, after all, these two people are countless people’s ancient CP ah! Understand.
Just when the fans were exhilarated and told each other, the once double J powder was full of old tears.
Earlier, a poster “Jay Chou, Kunling and Cai Yilin will be on the same stage in the same century” was published by netizens, which aroused the audience’s appetite.
In fact, Jay Chou and Cai Yilin performed together after their separation, and Cai Yilin sang together as Jay Chou’s concert guests, which made many fans shout crazily.
At that time, the “double J” combination also caused a lot of sensation, but also netizens daydream, Jay Chou and Cai Yilin composite.
Cai Yilin and Zhou Jielun had a lot of cooperation, both their expressions and movements are very close, Zhou Jielun and Kunling did not marry before some rumors are far less than that of him and Cai Yilin.
That is to say, Jay Chou and Cai Yilin were identified as a natural pair.
Although Jay Chou and Cai Yilin’s past love affairs have passed for a long time and they have their own new emotional affiliation, they are still mentioned from time to time outside, and their names are often tied together.
Jay Chou and Cai Yilin used to be the golden and precious relationship in many people’s eyes, but eventually they broke up, which made many people feel sorry. After the breakup, Jay Chou found his own happiness, married Kunling, and had a son and a daughter, which made people envious.