water park

In July, when the sun is hot, the coolest summer is still water sports. When the dad announced to take me to the “Tropical Storm” on the weekend night, I was happy to be three feet tall.

Looking forward to the stars, looking forward to the moon, I finally waited until the day I went to play. We got up very early that day and started by car at six or seven o’clock. I couldn’t help but think on the road: Is there beautiful? I have never played water, I don’t know how to play? Just thinking about it all the way, all the way to read, two hours later finally came to the door of Shanghai “Tropical Storm”.

Buying tickets, checking tickets, changing clothes… I couldn’t help but feel excited and quickly rushed to the pool. Sure enough, the water park is very beautiful, the blue pool, the clear water, the neatly arranged reclining around the pool, the green trees on the hills in the distance dancing with the wind, the rock is engraved with a big paradise Name – “Tropical Storm”. Colorful sports facilities, artificial canyons, waterfalls, blue streams, pipe surfing, high-altitude skateboards, surf pools, rivers… I can’t help but wonder: “Oh, it’s beautiful, it’s really ocean. Fairy tale world.” I couldn’t wait, I put on a big swim ring and jumped into the pool. I didn’t expect it. I couldn’t swim. I just jumped in and got a big sip. I spit. The water in the mouth, holding the eyes splashed with water, found that Mom and Dad were laughing at me. I am very upset, Dad came over, “Son, you haven’t learned how to swim, don’t be so acute, come, I will teach you,” Dad pushed me to the center of the pool. “Left hand first Stretch, then the right hand like this, then the two feet like this…” Dad patiently taught me on the side, and it didn’t take long before I learned a bit like a decent. Although I didn’t practice in the pool for a long time, I already felt that my arms were sour. Originally, swimming was not as simple as I thought. It seems that I will have to practice more in the future.

Suddenly, the voice came from the horn: “Very visitors, hello, the artificial wave in the surf pool is about to begin…”. Hey, this is a novelty game. I don’t wait for me to understand. Mom and Dad took my hand and walked over. The pool at the beginning was shallow. The deeper the water, the deeper the water. We arrived at the chest water. The place stopped, and there were already many people in the pool. “Hey,” suddenly a wave surged over and pushed me back and forth. I didn’t wait for me to stand still. It was a bigger wave that threw me up. Then one wave after another rushed to me. A small wave ran forward. About a minute later, a raging wave came. It was like a thousand horses rushing to the shore. Many people couldn’t resist being rushed. I am facing the waves, and the huge waves rushed me to the shore with the momentum of the sea, too exciting! As the water surged, the people in the pool shouted excitedly and jumped. It turns out that surfing is the feeling of swimming in the sea. It’s so interesting!

I heard that the drifting water across the canyon is very interesting. Our family hurriedly took a hovercraft to drift. We set off along a stream and passed through a bush of high people, as if we were in a big forest that was refreshing, surrounded by trees, grass, and occasionally heard a few crisp. The bird is called. Soon in the noisy sound of the water, the grandeur of the Grand Canyon is in front of us. Suddenly, the water rushed up, the boat did not listen to the call for a while to turn, and then straight down, the horrible screams came and went, we have already been scared. It’s hard to cross the canyon, but our heart is “plopping” and it’s still unsettled.

Time flies so fast, I haven’t waited for me to play enough for the swimming project, but when I got home, I really couldn’t leave it! Although I played very tired, it brought me a lot of happiness! I really hope that I can come here and play happily once.