New Year’s Day

Time is like a river that never stops, passing by people in a hurry and quietly. Unconsciously, a memorable 2017广州桑拿 hurried away, ushered in a new era, began another journey of people.
At night, sleeping with the sound of firecrackers to welcome the New Year. “Happy new year!” The next morning, with a New Year’s greeting, I opened my eyes to look for 2018. Open the calendar, open the new year, open a wonderful story. I lay in bed thinking about my past year, sweat, happiness and sadness. All this seems to be happening right now. I couldn’t help laughing softly.
In the past, I was not an excellent student in my class. I envied the class cadres. They study well and have many friends. I want to be like them. So I began to move towards the locked door. I sweat twice as much as others. In class, I listen carefully and speak actively. At the end of class, when my little friends are playing happily on the playground, I read quietly in the classroom. After class, I finished the assignment on time and earnestly, and tried to be as accurate as possible. I also enrolled in the school lecture class according to my hobbies. Eventually, the effort pays off, and the sweat I put in has been harvested. My academic performance has improved. In an election in the new semester, I was honored to be the monitor by my classmates. Since then, in order to live up to the expectations of桑拿广州 teachers, classmates and parents, I have worked harder. Now, I am the captain of the school squadron, all of which need the help and encouragement of teachers, classmates and parents. On the occasion of the New Year, I wish them all the best.
Farewell to the old year, we entered a new year. There seems to be a new runway in front of me. Maybe I will fall on this runway, but I will still stand up tenaciously and challenge many difficulties tenaciously. I firmly believe that after a storm, there will always be a beautiful rainbow.
At this moment, the crackling of firecrackers outside the window, which is people’s reluctance to bid farewell to the old year, but also people’s beautiful vision of the New Year.
“New Year!” “New Year!” New Year’s dolls come to the world and offer the most heartfelt wishes to the people. Make people happier in the new year! Live a better year!
Look, the azure blue sky suddenly turned red, red and full of joy, people look really happy! That asphalt path at this time also seems to become a gorgeous carpet, carpet with flowers on both sides, walking on it really has a feeling of being in fairyland, the world for a while. Son has become a paradise! People have hung red lanterns in front of their doors, in neat rows, red, beautiful!
Listen, the “New Year’s song” came from afar. People listened as if they were intoxicated, not intoxicated in this song, but intoxicated in this fairyland on earth. The red sky, colorful earth, happy lanterns, 桑拿佛山and pleasant “New Year’s song” are really a beautiful scenery.
People put on their new clothes and had a happy smile on their faces. They go from house to house and wish each other good luck.
However, on this happy day, is everyone so carefree? The New Year’s Doll saw that many poor people who survived the disaster did not have the same food and drink as others, as well as new clothes. They still lived in cold and hunger. New Year’s doll dropped a tear of true feelings, which drifted to those poor disaster areas. In a twinkling of an eye, the victims also had a good life. Their faces were no longer sad and painful, but happy and comfortable. New Year’s doll showed a lovely smile and quietly left.
New Year dolls are a valuable gift for the New Year. They are not only good wishes, but also a good life for the victims. It’s gone, but its blessings remain in people’s hearts forever. “Here, always be happier.” As long as everyone gives a little love and stretches out their loving hands to help those who need help, the world will be filled with laughter, happiness and light everywhere!