I and the changeable “pit mother”

Speaking of my mother, everyone said the words of gentleness, amiability, patience and so on. I always couldn’t help laughing. As the saying goes, I have seen people’s hearts for a long time. Talking about my mother’s understanding, who can feel more thoroughly than my personal cotton-padded jacket? In my opinion, my mother is a changeable “pit mother”.
Mother always does things in a orderly way, but there are exceptions to everything. As soon as she arrives at a strange place, she can’t find the north at all. Last year’s trip to Shanghai Disneyland gave me a good insight into the pitfalls of an idiot mother. After entering the park, because Dad was busy grabbing the fast passes of popular scenic spots with his mobile phone APP, Dad handed over the responsibility of looking for the “Dwarf Mine Car” to Mom. Let mom take us to the hot project as soon as possible to avoid long queues. My mother looked at the map of the park and the leader of the consulting park. Finally, she recognized a road and took us running together. Soon she met a fork in the road and looked at the sign. My brother and I thought we should turn left, but my mother thought we should go straight ahead. What happened? We went straight to the Pirates of the Caribbean. Alas! Who let me stand on such a poor sense of orientation mother! I can only stand on my own feet, I opened the mobile phone APP positioning map, and sure enough, I went back to the fork road just now and found the dwarf mine car shortly to the left. The queue has already reached a large section outside the waiting area. It’s really annoying. It’s freezing outside. Mom flashed a trace of regret on her face and mocked herself by saying, “Wait at most 10 minutes, soon.” Eventually, the thrilling excitement of the mine car journey broke away our waiting pain, even if it was worth waiting for another 10 minutes! Just bumping into a mom who had such an unreliable sense of direction, the project behind could only be done by myself, or I took my mom to play! My mom also enjoyed herself relaxedly, and sometimes praised me, saying that it was much more powerful than her, and made me feel fruitful!
Mother always said that she would wait for me to grow up slowly, so there were some things that could help me solve, but she always stood by. Let’s talk about my new deskmate. I really think he’s the same as his naughty tenth grade. My mother was very sympathetic to me, comforting me and helping me find ways. One would say, “Or should I talk to my mother?” It’s clear that it’s no use. If her mother managed him well from an early age, would he be so provocative? Another would say that if I pulled him to the bathroom and scolded him fiercely, it would be more pitiful. By then, the teacher would know, unfortunately, it’s not me? It’s clear that she just had to mention it to the sheep teacher and help me adjust my position. He refused to help. Mom couldn’t count on it. I had to work with my classmates around me. I remember that when the Qin Dynasty unified the six countries in the historical records, the two sides adopted the strategy of “joining forces vertically and horizontally” and “making close contacts and attacking close”, which gave me some inspiration. I found that he listened to a classmate in the classroom. I decided to ask his eldest brother to take care of him and sign an agreement with him. Now he’s getting better slowly and doesn’t provoke the students around him. In other words, many of the heroes in Water Margin were forced to go to Liangshan, but I was forced to think the wrong way by the mother of the pitcher.
Nagging is probably a self-contained property of my mother. My mother often tells me some truth or points out some shortcomings of me. I hope I can take less detours, but sometimes I don’t appreciate it. At this time, my mother will calmly give me a rude gesture and watch me fall into the pit without warning me. Look at me and give me some hints finally, let me slowly climb out. Pit, really hateful, or mother? Let’s talk about this mid-term exam, mother reminded me, to review the basic knowledge, strive for basic questions can not lose points and so on a lot. But I’m looking at “Those Things in Han Dynasty” with great enthusiasm. I don’t have any intention to review it. Mother said it several times, but she said it no more. I can’t believe that my self-confident Chinese exam actually gave me a hard blow. Because there are too many points deducted from the front basics, I missed out on excellence. I was extremely disappointed and discontented, and my mother felt sorry for me, and helped me to analyze the reasons for my mistakes, as well as the direction of my efforts, trying to comfort me that I would certainly do well next time if I worked hard! But when I did things again, the old problem of unreasonable timing repeated, my mother relentlessly criticized me, “Reading is a good thing, but before the exam, I only wanted to read books.” Do you know the most important thing you need to do first?””Do you see my expression that I want to talk and stop? If you don’t listen to me when I talk too much, you deserve to suffer a long and bad memory!”I’m a fuck, it’s a pit boy. I met Waterloo in such an important exam. The lesson is not so profound. I remember it.
Speaking of my mother’s pit, it can be said for days and nights. But I do not intend to continue to expose it now. It is clear that one of the exposures is to expose one’s own shortcomings. I want to talk about the advantages of her. One of my favorite things about my mother is that she is willing to make all kinds of snacks for me. The snacks she makes are delicious. What coconut recipes, cake pizza, fruit salad are all good, and they are not bad. My favorite pizza is made by my mother. In order to satisfy my picky taste buds, my mother will buy many ingredients, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, sausages, cheese and eggs. After sprinkling all over it, I don’t need to look at the recipe at all. The color matching is very good. When I put it in the oven, I will bake it according to my own time, but it’s still delicious, like what it looks like in the book. Much better, I especially admire my mother’s faithful ability. But every time I make snacks, my mother will not let me enjoy the success. I need help to do the preparatory work, such as weighing the flour, oil, sugar and other ingredients, and responsible for mixing evenly. Mother said that my active participation is very important to her. The ingredients I prepared with my heart can inspire her to match the accessories. Only the food that I made with my heart can be the most delicious. That’s not an excuse for me to do something? No! The snacks made by myself are really sweet!
My changeable pit mother, do you want me to love you or hate you? But I firmly believe that I have grown up slowly!