Alma Zoo

In the morning, I still have classes in the classroom. In the afternoon, we drove to the Alma Zoo. After an hour of “trekking”, I finally arrived at the Alma Zoo.

The Alma Zoo is located in the virgin forest. From the outside, it seems that there is no gate, and no matter where people stand, there will be plants around.

When we look at the map, it’s so complicated!

At this time, we saw a large, tall, long iron cage. There are many swings in the cage, seesaws, slides, parallel bars… I think: Which animal needs so many sports equipment! Thinking about it, I saw two monkeys. Ugh! It turned out to be a monkey! The little monkey squats on the back of the big monkey and wants to tickle the big monkey. But the big monkey does not appreciate it and desperately wants to knock down the little monkey. Looking at the two monkeys, I suddenly shouted to my mom: “Mom! Isn’t that you?” (俺老妈是猴)

Chatting in the forest, strolling, the crow is cheering on our heads. From time to time, the big tree came from the crow “ah – ah – ah”. In fact, crows are not only found in the woods. In Australia, the crows are often heard in schools and on the streets. Even every morning, the crow is calling us early in the window of the host family! Australians have never hated crows like the Chinese, saying that the crow’s voice is “crow’s mouth” and does not think that the crows are unlucky, they are always friendly to the crows.

Go forward and see a large open space. There are several basins on one side of the open space, and there is a small room on the other side of the open space. There is also a cow basin in the center of the open space. Let’s go to the house and see! Oh, it turned out to be a little mouse! The small one is as big as a pen ink bottle, and the big one is as big as two pen ink bottles. I took out a little kangaroo food that Mr. Wang gave me to a small mouse to eat, and the little mouse actually ate it. I took the opportunity to catch a little mouse and play it. The little mouse is full of fluffy hair, its coat color is brown and white, and its big head is out of proportion with the body. I don’t know if it is too cold or because it is scared, it has been shaking in my hand. I touched it, it was better, but its small limbs still shrank under the fat body. I put it in the house, I wonder if its mother or its father is rushing to run there. I caught another big mouse that was just big. It was wet and the hair was all upright. Has it just taken a shower? Ugh! Anyway, I don’t know what is going on. I took two of the kangaroo food from my hand and put it in my hand. I reached into the rat house and wanted to see if the mouse could not eat. Unexpectedly, a mouse ran over and ate two kangaroos in my hand. We walked to the cowshed and saw that the cows stood and shook their tails; some lay down and slept. Ugh! It’s really boring.

Came to the sheep shed, there are two goats, two sheep. The goats were very friendly and kept their heads out of the sheep shed. I fed them a little kangaroo food, and they also ate well. I suspect that I have kangaroo food in my hand? The sheep ignored us and kept looking down on the feed. There are two cute spotted pigs in the pig shed next to the sheep shed. They sometimes look up, shake their tails, look at us, sometimes bow their heads and eat feed.

Came to the goat garden, dozens of goats running happily in the garden, playing. One goat ran agly on a few meters high stone pile, and the other goat jumped on a wooden pile more than one meter high, as if to show off their running and jumping skills. I took out a little kangaroo food. The goats swarmed up and smashed the kangaroo food. As a result, they made me full of mud.

I don’t know why, the animals in the Alma Zoo are kept in cages or surrounded by barbed wire, but the peacocks are free-range. We walked away and could see a few beautiful peacocks walking freely and happily on the grass and in the jungle.

Unconsciously, we have come to the place where the deer are raised, and dozens of cute sika deer are wandering around in the circle. They are small and big, thin and fat. They saw us coming, and a few of them immediately ran to the wire fence and looked at us happily. I also fed them a little kangaroo food, and they also took it right. Sheng Shiqian is using a map to smudge the sika deer. The sika deer jumped and bit the paper. Sheng Shiqian was shocked and hurryed back. The sika deer swarmed and rushed to eat the map. Someone exclaimed: “Is the animals here hungry?”

Coming to the Koala Park, I saw that the koalas were sleeping on the banyan tree. At this time, a staff member woke up a koala, and then the koala consciously reached the shoulder of the staff, and the staff took it out. The koala was sleepy and squatting on the staff, very unhappy. Finally, we took a photo with Koala and left this wonderful moment.