Twenty years from now

On June 20th, a class reunion was held at the initiative of enthusiastic students. Although half of the students did not attend it for various reasons, many of them were active members of the school, so the reunion was very successful.
Today, I saw some uploaded pictures of my classmates’Association and recalled the scene of that day. —— The students who participated in the activity almost arrived at 9 o’clock in the morning. We took four cars to Leisure Villa. After getting out of the car, he was taken to a wooden corridor beside a fish pond. Some people had already brewed tea. Sitting in the corridor and looking at the clear water in front of him made people forget the mugginess of the weather for a while. After sitting in the corridor for a while, some people suggested taking pictures. They slowly walked to the back half slope and a flat ground. When taking group pictures, because boys were young, they squatted in the front row. It was no problem for them to be thin. When they squatted fat, they shouted, “Can you hurry up! Can’t squat!” They all squatted down with seven hands and eight feet and continued to take pictures. Next, we have a free combination of threes, threes and twos, pulling each other and taking pictures with teachers. I, Yangyang and Zheng took pictures together. When we went to school, we liked to be together. Our seats were next to each other. Sometimes we passed notes and stole food in class. Sichuan, Meimei and Ping also said that they often skipped class to play cards at Chunyan’s house when they went to school. Jumping rope and beating sandbags together were also loudly criticized by the instructor for being too noisy. As a result, the instructor became the only school leader we remember together. Twenty years apart, no one feels strange and unwilling. We spent the simplest years of our lives together. After taking pictures, the students came to the corridor sporadically. The sun came out. Someone found a cooler place. So they all moved around and sat together again for tea and chat, describing their respective situations and developments after their separation. Mr. Wu is old, his appearance has not changed much, and his mentality is absolutely young. Now I still stay in school, but the school has been restructured, and the teacher has become the director; Xiao Liu’s size is twice the original, driving a black Safari car, and the accessories business is quite big; Hong is fat, and she is a capable woman, with no delay in both work and business, and driving a silver car; Chun Yan is still so weak, with her personality. But in the work of training and appearance is the opposite, talking about her daughter more than 1.7 meters, in the school volleyball team is very proud; source of insurance and lecturer, heard that the income is considerable, monthly wages are six passbooks; Du is a little taller than the original, looks like his father, but not like a 40-year-old man, still like a big man. Child: The youngest child is Xiao Zheng, who is jokingly called the youngest mother, and was transferred to work as an electrician during the Spring Festival. Tony, who is also a small girl, burns her hair like a steel wire, which is still a pleasant comment. I heard earlier that Bin has suffered some setbacks, but now no one has foreseen her belly. The class leader wears like a dummy. A beautiful cheongsam, everyone said that she now has a feminine flavor; the Deputy class fly back from Yunnan specially, but there is no change in people, the hair is a little gray, just hanging a small finger thick gold chain around the neck, being spoiled by classmates and a belt can lead away… Ha-ha. Several boys in the class gathered together to play billiards are not honest, pushing and shoving each other, or as hip-hopping as they did in school; Jun in Beijing also called several times, and the regret that she could not come back made her cry on the phone. Mobile phones passed through the hands of students, but also conveyed the strong friendship between classmates thousands of miles away.
Several students at lunch are drunk. Twenty years of old wine, how can you not be drunk? Twenty years, years have left some traces on everyone more or less…