New Year’s Day activities

Looking forward to the stars, looking forward to the moon, and finally looking forward to New Year’s Day. Up to now, the happy and warm scenery often appears in front of me, which makes me unforgettable.
That afternoon, when I happily walked into the campus, the first place I saw was not the tall teaching building, but the warm classroom. First of all, the window decorations on the outside glass of the classroom show the students’attention to New Year’s Day, the lantern riddle party and their service to the class. Two red paper lanterns were hung on both sides of the classroom door. When I entered the classroom, I was amazed at everything I saw: many Pink Bows and bright ornaments hung on the clean wall like snow. Over the classroom, there are 360 large and small color lantern riddles. They look like a colorful ink painting. They are very beautiful. Then they turn their eyes to the blackboard and write seven vigorous and powerful characters: the celebration of New Year’s Day lantern riddle party, with a string of red firecrackers on both sides, and the lovely lambs and emerald green in the lower left corner. The grass in the blank is a pleasant little bow. In the middle above the blackboard, there is a bow with golden stripes on the side. This “sudden” scene makes many students can’t help wandering around in the classroom.
As soon as the bell rang, my dear teacher Wen came into the classroom with a big smile and announced the rules of riddles guessing: “You can leave your seat and guess these riddles, but you have to guess them first and check them with the students who have the answers. If you are right, you can tear them down. The more”trophies”you have, the better you will get. To the prize. Students who grasp the answer should sacrifice, let other students guess first, and now the activity officially begins! “At Mr. Wen’s command, students left their seats happily, eager to try to find their own”favorite”riddles, of course, I am no exception, also began the”search”. In a few moments, Zhang Zhang had guessed three riddles of lanterns, but I still got nothing. I was anxious to think: why are the riddles so difficult for my classmates? None of them could guess correctly. Just when I was depressed, a riddle filled with small stars attracted me. When I looked up, it said eight words, “The blind touch the elephant” (an idiom). Suddenly, I thought of an epilogue: the blind touch the elephant – not knowing the general, the answer should be ignoring the general. I quickly answered the questions with my classmates and quickly unveiled them. Harvest “After one, my confidence suddenly increased greatly, one, two… Five! I finally got five riddles right. Here, the teacher clapped his hands and said, “Okay, it’s time to get back to your seats. “After the students sat down, the teacher selected the students who guessed the most riddles and asked the students who answered the questions to give them prizes.
Next, it’s the students who have the answers to guess the riddles. They have worked hard for half a day and can only watch the students guess. Now, it’s their turn. Mr. Wen asked several classmates to hold the answers instead of them. The rest of the classroom were puzzles. Xu Yunshan turned around and failed to answer any of them. Suddenly, Xu Yunshan suddenly grabbed a riddle, put his index finger on his chin and turned his eyes around, and immediately came up with the answer. After a while, Xu Yunshan has found three…
Happy time is always very short, unconsciously, two classes have passed, I really look forward to the next such activities.