I love books, books love me.

Shakespeare of the United Kingdom said: “Books are the world’s nutritional products.” Henry Longfellow of the United States said: “Books are the destination of thought.” China’s Chen Shou said: “No books in a day, Pepsi is ridiculous.” Also became my best friend.

I remember when I was in the second grade, I went to class one day. I saw Li Aoxuan reading the extracurricular books in a relish. Looking closer, it was a painting and collector’s edition of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. I liked it all at once, saying: “Li Aoxuan, borrow Let me see it!” He reluctantly said: “No, I haven’t finished reading yet!” I pleaded: “Let me take a look! Just three days, read it right away!” “Good– Li Aoxuan reluctantly agreed.

This book is very good. I will go home from school in the morning and go home after school in the afternoon. I will watch it before going to sleep at night. I will wake up in the morning and watch the time quietly in the afternoon. Three days later, Li Aoxuan said to me unhappyly: “Han Jiangtian, return me, the deadline is up.” I said with a sigh of relief: “I, I haven’t finished reading it, and then have a grace of a few more days!” He said: “A few days ago, you said that you have returned to me for three days, and you are not keeping your credit?” I said: “Since borrowing, let others read it!” He said helplessly: “That – I will borrow you for two more days!”

Two days later, I finished reading, but I still don’t want to return. One morning, my mother went to school with my mother. I met Li Aoxuan halfway. He told my mother that I would return his book. I had no choice but to return it. When my mother saw me so much in love with the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, I bought one for me. I often see it as intoxicated, and I forget to sleep. Mom urged me to sleep, I said: “Immediately!” Dad urged me to sleep, I said: “This battle has not finished yet, I will sleep when I finish playing.” Dad rushed into my room, grabbed After the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” I was watching, I slammed into the bed. I was scared to go to bed.

When I woke up, it was only 2:00 in the morning, my father and mother slept soundly. I turned on the small lamp and looked at it in the bed. I watched a few battles. I was afraid that my father and mother found out that I had to sleep. Even the dream was a scene of fighting in the Three Kingdoms. The next day, I washed my face and looked in the mirror. Haha, my eyes became dark and became a panda eye. In the language class, the teacher gave a lecture and painted, but I was sleepy and really wanted to have a bed. It’s hard to go to class. I quickly walked out of the classroom, stretched my arms, kicked my legs, and I was sober.

In the battle of Guandu, I hate to become Cao Cao’s military division and help him design the strategy of defeating Yuan Shao’s 700,000 army. In the battle of Chibi, I would like to become a military commander under Zhou Yu’s account, arrogant and arrogantly driving a fireboat. To Cao Jun, burn him a piece of film does not stay; in the battle of the flooded seven army, I want to become the main lord of Guan Yu, let the water immersed in the banned water army; in the battle of Yiling, I want to be one of Lu Xun’s men The staff will be partial, help him burn Liu Bei’s seven hundred miles of camps…

I love books, books love me too. Through reading books, I learned about the magnificent history of the Three Kingdoms, the corporal of Liu Bei Li Xian, treating the people well, and establishing the Shu Kingdom; Cao Cao Xiong was a general, resourceful and conspiracy, and established Wei Guo; Sun Quan was calm, far-sighted, and established Wu. Through reading books, I have met many Wenchen military commanders. Lu Bu let me understand that it is not enough to have courage, but also have strategies. Guan Yu let me understand that I can’t be proud of being underestimated and be modest and cautious; Zhang Fei makes me understand that I can’t act recklessly, be careful. Coping; Wei Yan let me understand that I can’t just use it myself, I have to have a big picture… Through reading books, I know how to divide and combine Chinese history, and the general trend is unified.

Classmates, have you read my story, are you inspired? Descartes of France said: “Reading all good books is like talking to the best people in history.” Let’s read more books!