Candid camera

He was so tough and hot that the tip was already in the thirsty grass beneath me, ready to launch a charge.
The heart thumps as if it could jump out of its throat at at any time.
There are a lot of people on Mingming’s car, but I feel like I’m almost crazy and suppress a lot of desires.
I am also a normal woman, I also have normal physiological needs, but my husband does not mention, I married two years or virgin, think it is ridiculous.
When my husband is not at home, I also secretly masturbated, but where can my fingers compare with men’s masculine objects? I secretly bought sex objects, but I dare not take them home. My husband likes to clean up the house, if he finds out, he will feel very hurt. I had a very humble life. I dared not speak to anyone. I could only hold it in my heart.
It was because he had been depressed for too long and hungry that he hesitated when he asked for it.
“Zhou Ying, so coincidental! How unexpectedly met you!”
The familiar voice of Tao sounded behind me. I turned my head and saw Zhao Kun, my immediate superior.
“General Zhao, why do you take the bus?”
“Today, my car is restricted, so I’ll go green once!”
After that, he looked at me again and put the cell phone in his pocket.
I don’t know why. I think his eyes are a bit meaningful.
I thought I was really crazy just now and almost obeyed the strange man. Zhao Kun awakened me from the primitive madness, and I instinctively wanted to push away the man in front of me. But the other hand of the man immediately pulled a dagger out of his pocket and hit it on my stomach.
He must have been afraid that I might poke him when he saw me meet an acquaintance.
The dagger wasn’t sharp, but it made my heart beat. I stopped struggling and dared not move.
Instead of entering my body, he rubbed a few times in my privacy, and then hot, magma-like, sticky liquid sprayed directly into my shorts.
The strange man got off in a hurry and Zhao Kun came up to me to chat with me.
But the sticky liquid kept running down my thighs, so I quickly pulled out the paper towel from my bag and felt for myself to clean it up.
Think of the scene just now, I blushed with shame, afraid of being discovered by Zhao Kun, embarrassed.
I joined Zhao Kun in the company, just as I had a report to ask for Zhao Kun’s signature, so I took the report and went directly to him.
After knocking at the door, he was looking down at his cell phone, but there was a bad smile on his face, which was always serious.
I went up to him and put the folder on his desk.
“General Zhao, you have a look!”
He looked up and down at me. I noticed that his eyes stayed on my chest for a long time, and finally landed on my slender white legs, as if there was a small act of swallowing saliva.
I was stared at by him, and my heart began to beat wildly. Although when I first joined the company, I had a vague feeling that he was fond of me, but in my eyes, he has always been a gentleman, and when contacting with female subordinates, he has a sense of propriety.
His eyes just now really look like a sex wolf, which makes my heart very uncomfortable.
“Zhou Ying, I have a video I want you to see!
I walked over suspiciously, just glancing at it, and immediately felt a “boom” in my head. He took pictures of me on the bus making out with the man. No wonder, his mobile phone has been in his hands, no wonder he looked at me like that!
“Unexpectedly, you are so wild! It seems that your desire in that respect is very strong, and your husband can’t satisfy you at all, otherwise you would not be so hungry and choose food, right?”
He said, putting a handful around my waist, rudely lifting one of my legs and letting me sit on him. And the bulge beneath him was just right in my privacy.
He’s moving so fast that I can’t respond at all.
Men’s hormonal breath wrapped me tightly, I wanted to resist subconsciously, but he clamped my waist with one hand, put his other hand directly into my neck, squeezed my right chest tightly, and whispered, “Give me now! Otherwise, I will post the video online, so that the whole world knows what kind of woman you are!”