My winter vacation

School will begin in the afternoon, and the last vacation of junior high school is near the end. And the vacation seems to be yesterday, the winter vacation is about to end in a blink of an eye, which is close to a month.
I remember that just after the holidays, the whole people relaxed a lot, like a string that had been tense for a long time, suddenly relaxed, and began to not adapt to it. Who doesn’t want to relax after being 桑拿佛山nervous, but I quickly adjusted.
I was busy for the first few days. Because the Spring Festival is approaching, there are many things to do. Need to help parents do some housework: cleaning, purchasing New Year’s Goods, pasting couplets, hanging lanterns… These things are all about me. It’s not what parents want, it’s all voluntary. But I’m not the “main force” in everything. I just give the “main character” a hand, help or something. It’s just a little work. In addition to busy housework, on the other hand, I have to rush to do my homework, because visiting relatives and friends during the New Year will delay a lot of homework time, so I am very “busy” these days. So I became a homemaker.
On New Year’s Day, I have no fixed place to live, most of the time is in New Year’s greetings. On the first day of New Year’s Day, a large family of us who were traveling around finally got together. Dozens of people finally had the chance to sit together and spend the Spring Festival together. 桑拿广州I think today’s China is happy, although some people may not be able to spend this good time with their families and loved ones, but I believe they are also happy, happiness in their own positions. On the second day of the Spring Festival, I went to my grandmother’s house. Snowflakes were floating in the sky, which added a strong flavor to the red Spring Festival. Our family is far away from my grandmother’s home, so we seldom visit them at ordinary times, and my mother keeps talking about her family. She says she is afraid that she will be busier in the future and give her parents less time. Listen to her, I am silent, in fact, cherish our parents and our loved ones together every day, this is the real happiness.
After the fifth day of the first lunar month, I devoted myself to my homework again. But I also went out with my friends in my spare time to feel the strong flavor of Chinese New Year. There are some new patterns in the Lantern Exhibition of artificial lake this year. This year, different from previous years, we pay great attention to the time of lighting, which should also be “frugal style”. Our children’s paradise, this year also has a new game, that is, “360 degrees of rotation”, more and more new creative games into our small “Pingyao Village”, which is not difficult to see that our Pingyao is growing faster and faster. There are also new activities in Pingyao Ancient City, such as “Tour around the Ancient City”. Walking around every corner of the ancient city, enjoying the ancient city in detail, and seeing those people who live and work in peace and contentment on the edge of the ancient city, why is it not a pleasure? On the South Street, tourists are continuing, and those antiques symbolizing Pingyao are more and more distant and stop. Steps, look at these gadgets is also very good. This year, Zhang Yimou’s eighth real-life performance masterpiece “Impression Pingyao” attracted many people’s attention. 广州桑拿Impression Pingyao is not only the first “impression” performance project in northern China, but also the first performance theme of Shanxi’s history and culture, Shanxi merchants’characteristics, national characteristics, Shanxi people, events and objects. Performing projects. From these “new”, I deeply feel that Pingyao is developing.
Winter vacation is so short, more than 20 days, but it has a summer vacation without the flavor and a variety of activities. My winter vacation is very interesting!