The trace of concern in my heart

In the predicament of life, care is the warm spring breeze, comforting the injured heart; in the journey of life, care is a kind guide, guiding the way ahead; in the family, care is a beautiful rose, creating a happy life.
With care, family will have more warmth; with care, friendship will have more happiness; with care, love will have more wisps of love. It’s sweet to be concerned about others, but the most wonderful happiness in the world is to be concerned about others. Greetings from relatives and friends will never make you lonely; blessings from friends will multiply your confidence; thoughts from loved ones will fill your heart with sunshine.
In the poem, “close seams in front of the line, fear of delaying return”, is this not the concern of the loving mother who “worries about the thousands of miles in the journey”? “When the sun sets, the broken intestines are in the horizon” is the concern of the wandering son for his hometown. “Sijun makes people old” is a concern for the husband and gentleman who defend the frontier far away. “Solitary sail far shadow blue empty” is a concern for friends… On one hand, as long as the history of mankind is, there will be as much concern; as deep as the human kinship is, there will be as deep concern; and as strong as the human kinship is, there will be as much concern.
When I was twelve years old, I went to visit my father who worked in Weihai alone. When I came back, my father took me to the train and told me, “Don’t run around in school. Girls should pay attention to safety.” All the food is in the bag. If you are hungry, you can eat it. Grandma will pick you up when you get off the bus. Father still wanted it, but I was impatient. Father had to say goodbye to get out of the car and stand in front of the window for a long time without leaving. When the train left, my father seemed to think of something and followed it. He stuffed a bag of plum candy into my window and said, “Hold it in my mouth, and you won’t get sick.” I was shocked. My father’s white hair was so dazzling that my tears could not help flowing down. I put my head out of the window and shouted to my father, “Papa, take care of your mother, take care of yourself!” My parents are deeply concerned about the children far away from home, which have been rooted in their parents’hearts since the day they were born, and accompanied them to the end of their lives. Finally, they still take care of their children. With this concern, and the children?
In our life, we are so used to being concerned about by our parents, but we have never carefully cared about our parents. Parents give us endless efforts, and what else do we have for our parents besides demands and dependence? The toddlers hold on to their parents because of dependence; the children fight with others and cry to find their parents or because they rely on young couples to go home for three days and two ends, what does it bring to their parents? When they have children, their hearts are all thrown on their children, while the parents who have given birth to them, raised them and always cared about them are left behind. Occasionally think of, only to find that their concern for their parents almost no, or so shallow!
Concern, is a cup of strong emotional agar, is a general wish relying on farewell. Parents’concern for their children is like a cloud, which lingers in their children’s minds as the birds in the sky float around and across mountains and rivers. The concern between brothers and sisters is like a mountain stream, clear and transparent, springs flowing constantly, drinking all the way to sing, clear all the way to spray. Concern between husband and wife is like a graceful word, lingering and distant, Acacia often makes tears stained. There are also friends that do not contain blood relations, do not mix with selfish misconceptions of concern, often give people infinite strength and courage.
It is precisely because of concern that we are left with a true and sincere sad beauty.