Flowers in Memory

In memory, there is always a person’s figure wandering in the heart, like a flower that never fades, in the heart.
—— Notes
(1) First encounter
The first time I saw you was on a spring morning, the sun was shining on the earth, and the warm glow was reflected on your face. The first time I saw you, the most conspicuous is the two small braids, big and clear eyes with sincerity, you sat next to me, quietly said to me: “Hey, the future is the same table, more care.” I was stunned and smiled at you lightly. I saw a little red on your face, giggling and telling the truth. At that time, I was thinking in my heart that I had made up my friend.
(2) Don’t be afraid
“Why are you so careless? If you don’t bring the book, stop the class and stand for me.” I was shocked by the teacher’s roar and saw you stand up embarrassed, red cheeks, like a big red apple. The teacher didn’t know what was going on that day. He gave you a bad scolding. I stared at you and saw your forehead gradually sweating. I wished it was me who was punished. The lower your head is buried, the more my heart is seized by it. I stood up with a loud voice and said to the teacher, “Actually, I forgot to bring my book with me. I’m sorry, teacher.” Looking at the lively classmates laughing together, the teacher became even more angry: “Go out, you two go to the door.” I dragged your hand and went out…
(3) Dead Party
“Hey, have you heard the word”dead party”lately?” You asked me in my ear. “Ha-ha, dead party, that’s our relationship.” “Really? Well, then we can say that, for a lifetime, we will always be a sworn followers.” you extend your little finger to hook me up. I laugh at you when you are several years old, and still believe this, but you don’t think so: “HMM.” “uh!” and I snappled on your finger: “hanging hook for one hundred years is not allowed to change, it is changed, that is, pig eight quit!” We laughed with tacit understanding. I said, “look at you, laugh like pigs, and others say your lady!” “ha ha, I am pig Ba Jie, you are my daughter-in-law.” “Who is your daughter-in-law? Are we all good or bad women?” “Who said, where are you like a woman?” You are more and more interesting, I also understand, between two sincere hearts, nothing can be blocked…
(4) Metamorphosis
“Go to junior high school! Where did you take the exam?” I cheered. “My mother asked me to go to No. 2 Middle School, what about you?” “Ah? No, my goal is to experiment. No. 2 Middle School is not good. You can take the same exam as me.” I’m really a little disappointed, because I’m afraid I’ll grow apart from you. “No way…” What can I do for you when you are in silence?
Until some time, I was surprised to find that we have not been in touch for a long time. Are we all busy forgetting each other and losing that feeling? I am worried. Suddenly, the QQ rang, and I received your message: “Kin, are you busy? I miss you…” You must not know, at that time, I was already full of tears. The original friendship maintenance, just a simple sentence I miss you. I tapped my voice on the keyboard: “Oh, beautiful woman, I miss you too.”
You are the flower blooming in memory, remember, forever and ever, will not fade.