Lonely kitchen

Archimedes said, Give me a fulcrum, I can tilt the earth!
Mimi said, “Give me a kitchen, and I can cook it alive and fragrant!”
During the holidays, in order to avoid the trouble of entertainment and stiff smile, you can hide in the kitchen, picking up mashed onions, ginger and garlic and tossing pots and pans. Of course, there will still be various situations to intervene in your peace: children will shout for snacks; old people will add confusion on the grounds of keen attention; the most disgusting thing is him, idly hiding behind, like a rogue snake tightly around you, making people nervous. At this time, the kitchen, has evolved into a social occasion, can not help but involve you in the right and wrong, and eventually left out those lovely and simple food.
Only when the kitchen attributes are restored to its original appearance, you are only your own.
A person walks around the market with a basket, carefully chooses the food that best suits you, and everything is premised on satisfying the basic demands of oneself. Put up your hair and tie up your new homespun apron. Let’s start with the simplest fried rice with eggs. Stir-fry the rice until it’s six or seven minutes cooked, then beat the eggs in. On the edge of the pot, gently click, hold the hands of the eggs over your head, just listen to the “click” sound, the eggs and Rice met like this. Quickly turn and blend, so that each rice sticks to the egg powder, then add purple and white onions, bright red ham dices, when the pot is up, sprinkle leek seeds on it. We can cook with simple fried potato shreds and pickled vegetable soup. We can also make fish head tofu or steamed pork spareribs. By the way, don’t forget to add soybean milk when steaming meat.
Choosing a small dish or a big meal depends on your mood and money. Wash, cut, cook, and taste slowly. After eating, wash dishes slowly. Using our hands to manipulate and create, and using our senses to appreciate the subtlety of taste, it is not just a process of enjoyment. A small kitchen can not only cook food, but also provide a lonely and introspective space for you to see yourself at the moment when the fume is diffuse, and find the true taste after tasting the life.
Like writing, cooking is best suited to people’s lonely moments. Forget the dribs and drabs of the surroundings and devote ourselves to them. Every food in our hands is permeated with the complicated emotions of the parties. The blade of the cutting board lets you vent your anger, the dish basin in the pond cleans up your impetuosity, and the soup bubbling in the pot is stewed with yearning and love… The kitchen is a private place for nurturing and releasing.
Mr. Cai Yuan, a famous food expert in Hong Kong and Taiwan, said that people who study cooking “must be curious about life, and you must spare no pains to go up”. Today, kitchen learning is no longer simply a key indicator of women’s virtue, just like a fashion, which is loved and sought after by more and more men and women.
The interest has come, and I intend to cook a table for myself seriously. Before we started work quickly, the phone calls from friends rushed to us. “Who’s still doing it at home these days? Quick, come with us to GOLDENHANS for South American barbecue!” Social animals are happy to make appointments. The moment I closed the door and left, looking at the empty kitchen, I suddenly remembered that awkward figure of last year’s day was cooking soup for me, and then I boiled it in my memory.