Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team won eight consecutive victories

Yesterday afternoon, China and the U.S. won the top contest of the much-watched 2019 Women’s Volleyball World Cup with the final victory of the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team. This afternoon, the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team won eight consecutive victories in the 2019 Women’s Volleyball World Cup, leading the World Cup with 8 wins, 0 losses and 23 points in the Sapporo Hokkaido Daoli Complex Stadium. It is a step closer to the championship.
Many netizens praised the women’s volleyball team, others said: This is the second team!
Why is it always the Chinese women’s volleyball team that wins?
It’s not easy for Chinese women’s volleyball team to win eight consecutive games. During the period, it also experienced ups and downs. Coach Lang Ping used her talent to minimize the ups and downs of the whole team. Before that, the whole team won 3-0 all the way. When the third set was 2-9 points behind Cameroon, Lang Ping calmly took the team to turn the situation around. The Russian women’s volleyball team and the Japanese women’s volleyball team won 3-0 matches perfectly. At the same time, when faced with a strong challenge from Brazil, the whole team eventually defeated Brazil 3-2. The most shocking thing is that the Chinese women’s volleyball team beat the United States 3-0. China’s women’s volleyball team has combined high speed with high speed, and its technology is comprehensive, especially the whole team has been speeded up in an all-round way.
Everyone will put their greatest energy into full play, and from the coach to every member of the coaching team, and then to every player and team worker, the Chinese women’s volleyball team has formed a huge collective force, which is called “momentum”. In this World Cup, the opponents all exclaim that they have been suppressed by the Chinese team. In fact, this is the current “momentum” of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, and this “momentum” is very strong. Osaka is the last stop of the World Cup. All the main Dutch team and the strong Serbia team are strong opponents. After losing to China, the United States team also maintained a complete victory. Chinese women’s volleyball team can not afford to take it lightly. No one will give you the world champion. As Lang Ping’s guide said, no matter what others do, the key is to make the best of yourself, and the fate is in your hands.
There is a spirit called women’s volleyball spirit!
On September 19, when the Chinese women’s volleyball team beat Japan 3-0, I believe that many Chinese can not help but think of the scene 38 years ago.
At that time, China had just been reforming and opening up. No matter its economic strength or sports level, there was a big gap between China and the world’s powerful countries. We must keep up with it.
On the evening of November 16, 1981, the people of the whole country nervously stood in front of black-and-white television and radio. At that time, the last match of the third women’s volleyball World Cup was being held in Osaka, Japan. The Chinese team played against the last champion, Japan, the host of the so-called “Oriental Devil Woman”.
“17:15! The Chinese team won! The players are all running together! China won the World Cup by 3:2, and Japan by 7 games and 7 wins! ___
With the commentator Song Shixiong’s voice hoarse and a little choking, from black-and-white television and radio, which are not very stable signals, to intermittent transmission, thousands of Chinese people can not help but shout and embrace with tears.