Turkey has not shelled the US military

Capturing the US Special Forces? Turkey urgently denied!

The US Defense Department issued a statement saying that the US military stationed in Syria was attacked by Turkish artillery. Turkey: There was no attack on the US military. At that time, it was only a counterattack against the “terrorists.”

“Exclusive report: Turkey attacked the US special forces in Syria, but it is obviously wrong.” The US Newsweek reported on the 11th that a US special force was in the Kurdish majority of Syrian cities that day. Kobane was attacked by the Turkish military. The special forces did not respond, but retreated after the shelling stopped. There were no reports of casualties. However, the report said that the violent artillery of the Turkish army once allowed the US special forces to consider whether they should fight back for “self-defense.”

Newsweek quoted an Iraqi Kurdish intelligence official and a senior Pentagon official as saying that the US special forces were on mission at Mashtenour hill. After the shelling stopped, the soldiers were evacuated. There are currently no reports of casualties. The report said that although senior Pentagon officials did not specify the exact number of soldiers present, he revealed that there were about 15 to 100 people.

Despite this, Newsweek said that the Pentagon has not yet issued an order to withdraw from Syria.

After the incident, the Turkish Ministry of Defence issued a statement on the matter saying that today (11th), the southern border post of Turkey (city) Suluqi encountered a hill from a hill about 1,000 meters southwest of an observation post in the United States. Mortar attack. “In order to defend itself, (Turkey) will fight back against the terrorist positions that launched the attack.”

The Ministry of National Defense said in a statement: “Turkey has not fired at any US observation post in any way. In order to prevent any harm to the US base, preventive measures are taken before the fire is opened.” “As one of the preventive measures, we are receiving from the United States.” The information was stopped immediately after the news, and we firmly opposed the argument that the US military or coalition forces were attacked.”

As for the United States, according to the latest news on the 12th of Russia Today (RT), the US Department of Defense issued a statement on the 11th local time to confirm that the US troops stationed in northern Syria were attacked by gunfire from nearby Turkish positions on the same day, but no one casualties.