Nongfu mountain spring is reported

Nongfu Shanquan (Fujian Wuyishan) drinking water Co., Ltd. was recently put on file by Wuyishan Forest Public Security Bureau for investigation and punishment due to its failure to construct a new production line with an annual output of 1 million tons of drinking natural water in Wuyishan City according to the requirements of environmental impact assessment and unauthorized excavation of access roads to destroy trees.
On the night of January 11, local residents of Wuyishan reported to them that after the deforestation, there were still large-scale machinery entering the forest area for overnight construction, and the construction route was seriously inconsistent with the requirements of environmental impact assessment, causing damage to Wuyishan’s ecology.
According to the video taken at the scene, after large machinery entered the forest area at night, a large number of construction materials were transported, and several citizens came forward to obstruct, indicating that the area is within the red line of Wuyishan National Park.