Happy to have you

It was raining, the wind was soft, and the soft touch was like cotton candy. In a twinkling of an eye, it was time for school to start again. At this time, the rain would come unexpectedly. The next day, the sun was hanging high.
Next week will be an indispensable parents’meeting for every semester. The students were all discussing enthusiastically, but like an outsider, I turned a deaf ear to the news that could stir up thousands of waves in my class.
Because they have never arrived on schedule, and this time it should be the same. I used to tell them the news with great expectation every time, but they all refused my invitation on the grounds of busy work. There are several other girls in the class who share the same pity with me. At first, we would stand at the back of the classroom helplessly, looking silently at other classmates and their parents. Gradually, we got used to standing more often, so that now every time we hold a parents’meeting, several girls take the initiative to walk out of the classroom and wander aimlessly in the campus.
Once upon a time, I would argue with them for this matter, even cry twice, but ultimately it was useless. I know they’re really busy. I’m not a sensible kid. I just can’t figure it out. Aren’t the parents of other students busy? Why can the parents of other students follow the contract, no matter whether the weather is bad or not, no matter where they are, they have come through both storms. I think it must be because they all understand that their arrival is of extraordinary significance to their children.
My parents have never been to school, and my teachers have talked to me, but I have pushed them away with my parents’busy work.
But this time, the teacher said with great emphasis, “This is the last parent meeting, and the most important one, which may affect your high school entrance examination. Parents must be children-oriented, right? And then communicate well with your parents, you know.
I couldn’t help the teacher’s whispering persuasion. After a moment of silence, I dialed the phone number of my mother, which I remember very well. Toot… ” A series of dial-up calls responded to me, and when I was once again frustrated and ready to hang up, a familiar voice came from the other side.
“Hello, Nannan, is there anything wrong?”
“Mom… The teacher said that this is the last parents’meeting. It’s very important. It will affect my high school entrance examination results. I hope you can come.
“Well… I see. I’ll try to get there. When will the parents meet?
“September 12, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.”
“Well… Nannan is sorry. Mother has to work overtime that day.
“Oh, I see. That’s all right. Mom, I understand you, let’s not talk about it.”
I don’t remember whether I hung up the phone first or my mother. I stood in the same place with a dull mood. I thought it was the last parents’meeting. I was lucky, but it turned out to be the same.
Mood instantly fell into a trough, want to cry but can not cry out, like a grim choke but stuck in the throat, uncomfortable death. I kicked and ran to the empty place, comforting myself and trying not to let the tears fall.
Once squatting down, tears flow out. Want to cry a lot, but dare not cry out, “Nanyin, why are you so angry, said not to cry, not all have been used to it, how still cry, how so affectation.”
That afternoon, it was raining heavily, and other parents came one after another, even those parents who had never been there.
They hold an umbrella in one hand and hold their children tightly in the other. The umbrella tilts towards the child like an unbalanced balance. Their clothes got wet, but the first thing to put down their umbrella was to ask their children if they got wet. It was really happy and enviable to have such parents.
“This time nobody accompanies me. How embarrassing it is for me to stand behind alone.”
I turned my head, closed my eyes, and lay on the desk, not thinking about that.
“Nan, are your parents still absent?”
“Well, they’re too busy to have time.”
“Oh, let’s go to the bathroom.”
“Well, let’s go.”
We walked along the main road and talked about the parents’meeting. Although we knew she couldn’t come, we still wanted to see if there was her at the school gate. “Nan, you’re all right.”
“It’s okay, just not sleeping well.”
As I walked back, my eyes drifted unconsciously towards the school gate. In a trance, I seemed to see my mother walking slowly towards me with an umbrella. I was stuck there, suspecting that something was wrong with my eyes, and rubbed them vigorously with my hands. Opening her eyes again, her figure became clearer. “Didn’t she say she couldn’t work overtime?” I was surprised and delighted.
“I have something else to do, you go back to the classroom, you take the umbrella.” Before she responded, I ran quickly to my mother.
“Why don’t you take an umbrella? What if you get wet?”
“Mom, I’m all right. You see, your umbrella is not better, your shoulders are wet. What about arthritis when you get old? Ah, Mom, didn’t you say you weren’t coming?
“Didn’t you say it’s important to you, so I took leave of absence for my daughter’s sake and didn’t hurt you. I came all night.”
I took my mother’s hand and looked at the tiredness on her face and the shadows under her eyes. At that moment, my heart was filled with guilt for my mother, but more happiness.
In my heart, I have misunderstandings and complaints about my mother, and sometimes I even feel disgusted. But at the moment of her appearance, all the complaints and complaints vanished in an instant.
Dripping in the drizzle and blowing the breeze, I had a walk with my mother, talking and laughing, for a long time, I was very happy. Complaint, discontent and disgust, like the dust of life, will make you forget the beauty of life, brush away the thick dust, the sunshine will quickly illuminate your whole heart.
Mom, it’s you who make me happy again. At this moment, I want to hold you well and whisper to you in your ear, “At this moment, it’s really happy to have you.”