Families have good mothers

From the beginning of my memory, I found that my mother was a person who did not care much about life. She always forgot to pick me up because she was too busy with her work. I stood in front of the big iron gate of the kindergarten waiting for my mother. Looking up at the hot sun outside,桑拿佛山 I narrowed my eyes, and tears of sunshine came up. My aunt asked me with concern if I wanted to call my mother or send me home. I shook my head and stubbornly walked into the scorching sunshine with my little schoolbag. From then on, I never expected anybody to pick me up. When the children were picked up by their parents one after another, I put up my umbrella and started walking alone. My aunt asked me where my mother was. I said that she often forgot to pick me up and watched my aunt spit out her tongue. I walked home by myself unconcerned.
Yes, my mother has a lot of forgetfulness, so I have to remember everything by myself. Sometimes I write in a small book and cross out one thing when I finish it. Even sometimes, I have to remember something for her.
That day, my mother changed the sheets and put them in the washing machine. Then she muttered, “Well, first, wash them several times, three times; then change the water, wash them again, and then dehydrate them.” With that, she poured some detergent in, picked up the bag and went away. I ran over to see that the switch of the washing machine had not been pressed yet. I had to turn on the washing machine with my neck up while recalling my mother’s words. When I finally aired the sheet that I could hardly hold, my mother came back and said, “Ah, I haven’t changed the washing machine yet!” When she saw that the clean sheet had been aired on the balcony, she took a long breath and said, “Good boy, you can share half of our housework in the future. “!”
Mother not only has no memory, but also a little lazy. When I went out with her, I prepared my luggage the night before.桑拿广州 She never took anything with me. Once we went to Laohekou. When we went out, the sun was shining and it rained heavily as soon as we got to the station. I explained that the weather forecast clearly said there was no rain. Mother went out and bought two umbrellas. When she handed them to me, she said, “This money has to be deducted from your pocket money!”
Mother often asked me to do adult things. She would let a child go to the ATM beside the bank to deposit and withdraw money on the grounds of being too tired. She would give me money to help her buy things. She would let me go to other people’s houses instead of her and tell her something, and then bring her the reply. I often hear people say to my parents, “Your children are like little adults.” I also feel that I am mature very quickly. I also think that mother is a child, and I am her mother.
Since I am a parent, I have nothing to complain about. The night before I went to the summer camp, I got everything ready and went to bed. Suddenly I heard a small noise. I crept past and saw my mother checking my schoolbag under the lamp. She looked at her father as carefully as she did and said, “How can a pair be enough if my daughter forgot to bring her shoes?” Father said, “广州桑拿You’re so strange, just bring them to her.” Mother carefully pulled up her bag and said, “How can we do that? We can’t let her depend on others for everything. If we forget, let her suffer a loss once. Next time, we will learn a lesson.” Dad closed his eyes and laughed, “It’s hard to find a mother like you with a lantern. From the time her daughter went to kindergarten, you let her go home alone and follow her behind secretly, and make her a little adult. What’s more?”My mother whispered a word that made me cry.”Someday she’ll leave us and face it all alone.” At that moment, tears mingled with love and gratitude wantonly crossed my face.
I walked back to the room in silence, and at that moment I felt I really grew up a lot.