What’s the reason why the man hammered Ferrari?

It is said that money can make the ghost grind, but it is unexpected that money can also make the grinding and pushing ghosts. We all know that Ferrari is very expensive. Men hammer Ferrari, so arrogant because of lack of money!
For ordinary people, Ferrari encounters a luxury car with a fear of a little scratch and a cost of millions of dollars. Even a slight cost of scratch is amazing. If it is serious, it may cause the savings of ordinary people for many years or even a lifetime to burn. But recently, a man hit a Ferrari worth 3.68 million with a hammer, and was caught saying the motive was laughing and crying.
Recently, a car crash occurred in a Ferrari 4S shop in Changsha, Hunan Province. A man with a hammer broke into the 4S store and smashed a brand new Ferrari Portofino, causing damage to the hood, doors and windows of the car.
Then the 4S shop staff heard the noise and quickly stopped, grabbed the hammer in their hands and gave the alarm at the first time. After a preliminary inspection, the cost of repairing the damaged Ferrari sports car was as high as 500,000 yuan, which was a considerable expense.
Such a high maintenance fee is also justified. The Ferrari Portofino, released in September 2017, is an open GT sports car. The car used to be considered the cheapest Ferrari, but the price is still as high as 3.68 million yuan, which is generally a sky-high price!
Why did the man destroy such a good car? The man explained that he smashed the car in order to attract the attention of Ferrari’s boss, hoping he would raise money by himself. When he visited his hometown, he found a potential project, but more than 400 funds were needed to promote it. Since he did not have any collateral capital, he thought of the Ferrari 4S store and hoped that the owner could help him.
It has to be said that the man’s idea is really a little speechless, afraid not to confuse the content of the film with the reality, think that this will be appreciated by others, but do not know that they have committed a crime. Ask, even if such a person comes out, who dares to invest? So, what do you think about it?